Fake News among Teenagers – Towards a more responsible media literacy


Fake news is becoming a very popular and fashionable term. Fake news is deliberately spread false information to influence one’s opinion or to bring people to spend money on things they didn’t intend to. We will try to raise the awareness of fake news among the pupils of our partner schools from different parts of Europe. One goal of the project is to hand them effective means to fight the fake news. We will research fake news in fields like environment, immigrants and terrorism; the pupils will become more responsible members of political life of their countries and in Europe.

In the week of November 10-15, 2019, two teachers (Mag.Missethan Irina & Mag.Koval Elisabeth) attended the first meeting of the Erasmus + Fake News among Teenagers project. Together with teachers from partner schools from Slovenia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, and of course Sweden, we met in the southern Swedish city of Stenungsund to learn about fake news, to plan future activities, to choose a logo, poster and slogan for the project and to get known with each other. Within four working days we also visited the city of Gothenburg, Gullholmen Island and a hockey game. We heard the lectures from Mitja Sardoč, a civic education expert, Jack Werner, a Swedish independent research journalist; Ulrika Wahlström from Nösnäs School conducted a workshop on fake news and pupils as well showed us an exhibition in the library.

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